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its unbelievable

I can't show how grateful I am for Chuckra. Thank you so much.

Mrs Akerele
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Chuckra is awesome!!

Chuckra is brilliant!!! Thanks to them, I get great results. Before Chuckra, I used to get around 70% and now get approximately 95%. I would highly recommend Chuckra to everybody.


thank you chuckra

Chuckra has helped me so much going from 34 percent to 100 percent. I'm so happy with chuckra i could cry.



Chuckra is very informative; their tests make you feel like you are in the exam. The questions are very challenging and it makes you work hard. I've been on a long journey ever since I found Chuckra. I totally recommend Chuckra for someone who's doing the 11+.


I'm so flabbergasted

I used to get 48% but now I get like 75%-80% and I even got into DGGS I scored a whopping 409/423 thanks so much


Really Awesome

This is a really helpful and useful website as it helps me in practise for the 11+.
If doing the 11+ then definitely use this website.



Thank you. From 20% to 100 percent. Amazing.


Best Website Ever

I was always a bright student. Your typical 100% gyal, always top of the class, etc. But 11+ is if you know it, you know it, and if you don't, you don't. I thought 11+ was going to be easyyyyy, but truthfully? I struggled. I knew I wasn't going to pass. I just didn't know how to say it. One day, I stumbled onto this website. My mother signed me up, and.. well.. I was getting 24s out of 50. It was soo shameful. But I started pushing myself, until getting full marks was easy. I did all the hardest tests, and kept pushing and pushing myself until finally the day of my test came. I was signed up for two tests. The Bexley test.. and the Kent test. I really wanted to get into Townley, as it is my dream school and one of the best ever. And if I failed that but passed Kent, I would go for Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I sat down in the exam hall, and we were being timed. I didn't feel the pressure, because Chuckra had timed me. As soon as I opened the paper, I literally saw EVERYTHING I had been revising for on Chuckra. I peered around and saw all my friends struggling, whilst I was just whizzing through it! It was the BEST day of my life. And then.. the results came. The pass mark was 216, and I got a whopping 256! I had literally passed by 40 marks! And guess what? I got into Townley! I will be attending there in September and I just have to say I'm grateful for Chuckra.

Deborah A.

I love you Chuckra

You took me away from the land of 58% to the land of 100%

I love chrukra,
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Chuckra is absaloutly helpful and outstanding

Chuckra is extremely helpful because it gives you the atmosphere that you would get in a real exam. I have improved from 60% to 78% to 80%.

really good website👍👍👍😁😁

It is really good as I am being timed, like I am in the real test. 👏👏😃😃👌👌👌


The Best

Chukra is soo good. I used to always get 20 or 25 out of 50 but now im getting 40 0r even 47 because of chukra.

Chukra is the besttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My scores were 70 percent then when I started chuckra they went to 75 to 80 percent

Starfish 1

Best 11+ practise website ever!!

This website really helps with practising for the 11+ exam! thank you for helping me!


Thank You!!!👍👍👍

You have really helped me to be confident whilst either doing a mock test or a real test. I love you. Now I know that I can pass and get into DGGS with your help!😀😀😀😁🎈
Sending Lots of Love❤❤🧡💗💖


Thank you Big C

I love using this website.

Lovely Lucy

I feel more confident

Thanks Chuckra. I feel more confident with Maths now.

Edward Monton

Great app

It has made me improve rapidly and I definitely recommend Chukra to people looking to do the 11+ exam
Keep up the good work!



Its a great app it is really fun



The test papers were very detailed and informative, so I Recommend this website to people who want to pass the 11+ Tests.


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