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Chuckra is the best

Chuckra is the best. Not only does it give us questions but it explains how to do them too! Chuckra plays such a big part in my education and if I do pass m exam I can guarantee that quite a bit of the credit will go straight to this awesome website.


Your site is amazing!

Your site is amazing! Thank you for making this site.


Thanks, Chuckra

Thank you Chuckra. I did my Bexley exam today and most of the questions were similar to the questions asked in the CEM style question papers. Only God knows what the results will be like, but I am sure I will get into the best 180. I would personally recommend it to everyone who wants to embark on the journey of the 11+. Many thanks.

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The best!

The best! My daughter passed her 11+!


The best EVER web!

this is the best website i have ever been on! It really keeps me busy, and the games are REALLY good. This site really helped me. THANK YOU, CHUCKRA!

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Helps children build up their knowledge

Very useful, helps children build up their knowledge. Hope this can be able to bolster my child's knowledge



I LOVE THIS! It is awesome! The work! The games! The fun! It's really encouraging me to learn! And I absolutely LOVE these teaching videos! They have helped me sooooo much! It's given me a great boost towards my best learning! IT'S AWESOME!


Epic website

Because of this I have now passed my 11+. Thanks Chuckra!!!!!!!!


Really helpful

My daughter did 2 chukka mock exams last summer and successfully the passed her 11+ and is going to The Latymer School in September. The exams are a great way of assessing what needs to be done and getting them used to the pressure of sitting in a big hall and experiencing the feel of an exam. Certainly there was a huge amount to do in the exam but my daughter said they were much harder then the actual 11+ exam! Don't tell your kids that….they are really good to do and you get a chance to go through the questions on line afterwards to see where your weaknesses are.


Very helpful

My son cleared Slough consortium exams by good score and got admission to Herschel Grammar school. A lot of the credit goes to the practice papers on chuckra website which gave a lot of practice and preparation to my son. We also got him to attend chuckra CEM mocks at reading and the results of mocks predicted him to make it to grammar school which he did.
I would advice all parents to spend time with their kids and help them with these test papers . You will see how much confidence they eventually get to tackle actual exam.
Good luck to all parents and please don't leave any stone unturned to see ur kid clear grammar school exam with good score.
Good luck to all.


Fantastic Resource

My daughter used this website for extra practice as I had only found this tool a few weeks before the actual test. It exposed her to different question styles and the timed tests helped her immensely in getting some practice under time pressures. Happy to say she passed. Because of this resource I was able to help her prepare without the need for a tutor.

Mrs Jamil

Highly recommended

Chuckra was recommended to me by a tutor. Both my children used the site and attended mocks. It was a great help in preparing them for the exams, they both got in to the grammar school of choice. I will highly recommend it to other parents.


So helpful

I just don't understand why parents pay for tutoring when everything you need is on this website. I have used this website for my four children who have all successfully passed the 11+ exams in Torquay, Devon. Parents just need to invest a little bit of time and patience and the results come naturally.


Thank You

I used the Chukra mocks to gauge how my daughter benchmarked against her cohort. The first test was a real eye opener and without that, my daughter would not have passed or be accepted in a Grammar School this year. Thanks to the mocks, she knew the drill, she got practice and passed the exam. I really wish more hapless parents like I was, would know about Chukra

Helpful advice

I used this site for all of my three children. I found it very helpful in terms of practice and support.

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It worked!

I used the apps with my daughter, which she would do whilst I dried her hair! She loved the stats and would do a few tests at a time to beat her score. Thanks 11+

a useful site

My daughter used the site to practice. It helped her to see various kind of question types. It was easy to use and questions were topic based. A good addition to extra preparation. She will be joining her brother to our first choice grammar school.

Mrs Leahy

Definitely a good idea

I am really pleased that I booked 2 chukra mock tests with about 4-6 weeks apart. I think the best thing was that on the real day my daugther was used to turning up at a different setting, settling down reading the exam questions and listening to instructions, knowing how it was going to be on the real day. She said she found the mock tests really difficult, and she then did Kendrick and Bucks school tests. She found the real tests much easier than the mocks. I nealy withdrew her from the whole process after seeing the mock results, she was in the bottom 10 percent for one paper and only beat 45% of others in the other paper – so don't despair i think it makes you aware that you need to pull your socks up. She ended up with a very good pass for Bucks but didn't pass Kendrick.

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Supper happy

Chuckra this is a great website for nearly every child from all over the country. This site is one of the best sites and it is really helping me. Thank you Chuckra. I gave this site a rating of 5 stars because its absolutely brilliant thanks! My son got into the best secondary school, the one we wanted, the following year my sisters son used and passed 11+ and has been offered a place at the best school that he wanted. Thanks for the support.


Two daughters settled at Secondary

I used this for both my daughters for test prep and they both gained a place at the top school of their choice. A fun way to work with your children.


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