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Thank You!!!👍👍👍

You have really helped me to be confident whilst either doing a mock test or a real test. I love you. Now I know that I can pass and get into DGGS with your help!😀😀😀😁🎈
Sending Lots of Love❤❤🧡💗💖


Thank you Big C

I love using this website.

Lovely Lucy

I feel more confident

Thanks Chuckra. I feel more confident with Maths now.

Edward Monton

Great app

It has made me improve rapidly and I definitely recommend Chukra to people looking to do the 11+ exam
Keep up the good work!



Its a great app it is really fun



The test papers were very detailed and informative, so I Recommend this website to people who want to pass the 11+ Tests.


im splendificously happy with chuckra!

Thank you so much Chuckra! you have really helped my learning, challenging me every step of the way. i can pass the 11+ with YOUR help. your website is so helpful, with explanations and all. i love going through the questions, and look forward to do new tests!

Thank u so much

Edward Proud

Excellent Website

The questions are nice and challenging but really helped me familiarize with the actual 11plus questions. They are making me feel more confident about the exam. A really decent website !


Awesome Quality

Before Chuckra i was failing really badly
With Chuckra i am improving



Hi, I really enjoy using chuckra 11 plus! It helps me a lot with the feedback and explanation. Keep it up!!!



I am so pleased with what Chuckra has done to our lives. I used to get only 70-76% but now I’m scoring 95-100%! I cannot thank Chuckra enough.

Astronomic Antennas

Amazing website

The website lets me get better on my weak areas as well as having the choice of playing fun. well done Chuckra!!!!

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Thank you.

Thank you. 11plus helped me a lot and now i get things correct i'm so happy.


It is so good 👍

I have passed the exam and got into the best school in the county



My daughter passed the exam when she was getting 1 out of 50 on a practice paper. I don't know how she passed. Well done Chuckra.

Olufunke Igbokoyi
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Superb website!

Thanks to Chukra website i improved on my timings, learnt a lot, won a free mock which helped me to improve. I passed my 11+ and hopefully will get into a super selective school. 😀


Simply the best!!

Chukra combination of a great website with fantastic feedback, brilliant insights into strengths and weaknesses per topic, sub-topic simply makes it one of the best if not the best out there when it comes to 11+ preparation. Both our daughters have used Chukra and both passed their exams brilliantly. Can't recommend enough.


Super excited

Thanks Chuckra my son passed his Kent exams very well, we found the practice questions very helpful and the tutorials. We will always recommend Chukra!


It’s the BEST

I love this site as it helps me A LOT.


11 Plus Mocks

My daughter participated in two mocks and I can say the mock exams were of great quality and it helped her a lot.Β 

Askar Ruziev

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