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Superb website!

Thanks to Chukra website i improved on my timings, learnt a lot, won a free mock which helped me to improve. I passed my 11+ and hopefully will get into a super selective school. 😀


Simply the best!!

Chukra combination of a great website with fantastic feedback, brilliant insights into strengths and weaknesses per topic, sub-topic simply makes it one of the best if not the best out there when it comes to 11+ preparation. Both our daughters have used Chukra and both passed their exams brilliantly. Can't recommend enough.


Super excited

Thanks Chuckra my son passed his Kent exams very well, we found the practice questions very helpful and the tutorials. We will always recommend Chukra!


It’s the BEST

I love this site as it helps me A LOT.


11 Plus Mocks

My daughter participated in two mocks and I can say the mock exams were of great quality and it helped her a lot. 

Askar Ruziev

Really pleased

Excellent results for all exams written by my daughter!!!!!! Will definitely recommend Chuckra if you definitely need to get into a grammar school. Thanks again.


Thank you Chukra

My daughter qualified for all the 11+ exams that she sat for and most probably she will get her 1st choice school. I would like to thank Chukra for this. It not only provides real mock exams, but its a great platform for somebody to prepare for 11 plus. Its test questions are pretty useful and I like the overall tracking system as a parent . Thank you Chukra for providing this great platform. This helps my daughter to prepare a lot !!


Best Learning Website

This is the best learning website for children who want to pass their 11+.



I got my results and I passed the Bexley exam!!! Thank you Chuckra!!! My bro has started using your site. It has already made a big difference. Thanks again Chuckra for all your help!!


Got into my first choice of school

I didn't use anything else except Chuckra for my 11+ and I got into the school I wanted.Thank you.



my daughter smashing mathematics

i doubted she could make a change but WHOOOO! shes good at maths

went 4 mock, failed badly, now at the top

1000 pounds wasted [on other resources] when i could have relied on u


Olufunke Igbokoyi

You Rock Chuckra!!!!!

Thank you so much Chuckra, you have really helped me to practice for the 11+. I have got better and better over the time I have spent on this website. I recommend this website to anyone, from clever, to not so clever, to use this website.


Very helpful

I bet my child will pass now you have supported her a lot.


Thank you!

Hello Chuckra. I would just like to say thank you! I have done 3 grammar tests and still one more to go. I was super confident in the QE test. 110% pass in slough consortium and whitewashed the Bucks test. Tiffin will be OK and I know all because of you, I might actually get a place in a grammar school and start to learn more efficiently! Your tests are of a tricky material and that's why I like it. It feels like a real grammar test when I am doing one Chuckra test. You are a BRILLIANT website and will be always the best.


I'm so nervous!

I'm doing my Kent exam tomorrow I've done my Bexley and Chuckra 11plus has helped so much. TYSM!!! (Thank You So Much!!!)


this helps me so much id probably be nothing without it



Best invention!!

11+ is mostly known as quite a tough challenge to kids but this website is such a enthusiastic way to teach them. 11 plus is very educational and so supportive and couldn't have met a better website than this. Recommended highly

Shimul Dey

i believe im ready

Thank you for everything its so helpful and amazing

google user

I'm happy

I can't wait I love how you teach slowly thumbs up to you guys.

Phyllis Faluyi

my 11 plus is coming up

thank you for helping me I will definitely pass because of this website

Daberechi E
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