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I love chuckra


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Very Realistic

My daughter had the real Birmingham test today and her feedback was that the test was very familiar to her and like the chuckra mock tests so very realistic. The chuckra tests really helped her build her confidence in terms of timed tests and material covered. She feels she would not have been as confident as she was without chuckra.

My daughter finished all sections of the test with lots of time to spare which helped her check through all her answers correcting some silly mistakes which may prove valuable.

Thank you chuckra for all the material, help and support you have provided us, we don't think we could have done it without you especially during these unprecedented times with tuition centre's being closed.

Birmingham Parent


chuckra has been amazing for me it has tranformrd my maths english vr and nvr I encourage people who are doing 11+ to try this

Fiyin osonowo

I love Chuckra

chuckra is amazing!!

chuckra fan,

My mind is blown!

Before, maths used to be the worst subject ever, but after Chuckra, I started getting up to 90 and 100%

Chava Olaoye

Huge improvement!!

When I first started, I was getting 26% or 28% for English, (My worst subject) but I just did two English tests and I got 84% and 85%! It's a huge improvement, will definitely share with others! Thanks again Chuckra!!


its unbelievable

I can't show how grateful I am for Chuckra. Thank you so much.

Mrs Akerele
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Chuckra is awesome!!

Chuckra is brilliant!!! Thanks to them, I get great results. Before Chuckra, I used to get around 70% and now get approximately 95%. I would highly recommend Chuckra to everybody.


thank you chuckra

Chuckra has helped me so much going from 34 percent to 100 percent. I'm so happy with chuckra i could cry.



Chuckra is very informative; their tests make you feel like you are in the exam. The questions are very challenging and it makes you work hard. I've been on a long journey ever since I found Chuckra. I totally recommend Chuckra for someone who's doing the 11+.


I'm so flabbergasted

I used to get 48% but now I get like 75%-80% and I even got into DGGS I scored a whopping 409/423 thanks so much


Really Awesome

This is a really helpful and useful website as it helps me in practise for the 11+.
If doing the 11+ then definitely use this website.



Thank you. From 20% to 100 percent. Amazing.


Best Website Ever

I was always a bright student. Your typical 100% gyal, always top of the class, etc. But 11+ is if you know it, you know it, and if you don't, you don't. I thought 11+ was going to be easyyyyy, but truthfully? I struggled. I knew I wasn't going to pass. I just didn't know how to say it. One day, I stumbled onto this website. My mother signed me up, and.. well.. I was getting 24s out of 50. It was soo shameful. But I started pushing myself, until getting full marks was easy. I did all the hardest tests, and kept pushing and pushing myself until finally the day of my test came. I was signed up for two tests. The Bexley test.. and the Kent test. I really wanted to get into Townley, as it is my dream school and one of the best ever. And if I failed that but passed Kent, I would go for Dartford Grammar School for Girls. I sat down in the exam hall, and we were being timed. I didn't feel the pressure, because Chuckra had timed me. As soon as I opened the paper, I literally saw EVERYTHING I had been revising for on Chuckra. I peered around and saw all my friends struggling, whilst I was just whizzing through it! It was the BEST day of my life. And then.. the results came. The pass mark was 216, and I got a whopping 256! I had literally passed by 40 marks! And guess what? I got into Townley! I will be attending there in September and I just have to say I'm grateful for Chuckra.

Deborah A.

I love you Chuckra

You took me away from the land of 58% to the land of 100%

I love chrukra,
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Chuckra is absaloutly helpful and outstanding

Chuckra is extremely helpful because it gives you the atmosphere that you would get in a real exam. I have improved from 60% to 78% to 80%.

really good website👍👍👍😁😁

It is really good as I am being timed, like I am in the real test. 👏👏😃😃👌👌👌


The Best

Chukra is soo good. I used to always get 20 or 25 out of 50 but now im getting 40 0r even 47 because of chukra.

Chukra is the besttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My scores were 70 percent then when I started chuckra they went to 75 to 80 percent

Starfish 1

Best 11+ practise website ever!!

This website really helps with practising for the 11+ exam! thank you for helping me!


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