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my daughter smashing mathematics

i doubted she could make a change but WHOOOO! shes good at maths

went 4 mock, failed badly, now at the top

1000 pounds wasted [on other resources] when i could have relied on u


Olufunke Igbokoyi

You Rock Chuckra!!!!!

Thank you so much Chuckra, you have really helped me to practice for the 11+. I have got better and better over the time I have spent on this website. I recommend this website to anyone, from clever, to not so clever, to use this website.


Very helpful

I bet my child will pass now you have supported her a lot.


Thank you!

Hello Chuckra. I would just like to say thank you! I have done 3 grammar tests and still one more to go. I was super confident in the QE test. 110% pass in slough consortium and whitewashed the Bucks test. Tiffin will be OK and I know all because of you, I might actually get a place in a grammar school and start to learn more efficiently! Your tests are of a tricky material and that's why I like it. It feels like a real grammar test when I am doing one Chuckra test. You are a BRILLIANT website and will be always the best.


I'm so nervous!

I'm doing my Kent exam tomorrow I've done my Bexley and Chuckra 11plus has helped so much. TYSM!!! (Thank You So Much!!!)


this helps me so much id probably be nothing without it



Best invention!!

11+ is mostly known as quite a tough challenge to kids but this website is such a enthusiastic way to teach them. 11 plus is very educational and so supportive and couldn't have met a better website than this. Recommended highly

Shimul Dey

i believe im ready

Thank you for everything its so helpful and amazing

google user

I'm happy

I can't wait I love how you teach slowly thumbs up to you guys.

Phyllis Faluyi

my 11 plus is coming up

thank you for helping me I will definitely pass because of this website

Daberechi E
Web: ,


This website made it fun to learn and study.


Highly Recommended

I am an 11+ tutor and parent of a daughter taking 11+ this September. I have always recommended Chuckra as I think that the support facilities are fantastic. You don't just book a mock – you book an entire study plan if you choose to use it. This year my own daughter is taking 11+. She did her first Chuckra in the August before she went in to Year 5. She really enjoyed the experience and although didn't do too well at first, she quickly got used to the format and was able to redo the questions she got wrong online so understood what she needed to do. She has taken 3 more Chuckra mocks since then and now actually really enjoys the experience, especially knowing she can re-visit any questions she got wrong online. She also thoroughly enjoys being able to pick a topic she is not confident with and getting online practise questions. She loves the funny long nosed man cartoons to tell her when she's right or wrong. I really can't recommend this system enough – parents really should try to get the best out of it for their candidates – a little effort for massive return – don't underuse what is being offered!

Cathy Tahsin,
Pinner Private Tutoring
Web: http://pinnerprivatetutoring.co.uk,

Awesome work

i failed loads of test during my time of preparation, but now i feel like a whole new smarter me thanks to chuckra u mean alot to me and i am in a alot of debt to repay to chuckra


i passed

I had been practising for 6 months with this website and it has helped me so much. All thanks to this website I passed all 4 of my 11+ exams and I did very well on my Altrincham grammar test which I got 370. This website is very good. Thanks for helping me. If you use this website I am sure u will pass



my daughter just finished all of her exams time to bring treats on!
thanks chuckra
fingers crosses

Pressie Slavakia


I booked 1 mock test for my child and she failed terribly.

I went to the learn section and I did not pay for extra resources.

She passed with full marks! 😊😂😍❤❤❤ thanks a lot


A Great Experience

Thank you for hosting the 11+ mock this morning. My daughter found it a great experience and she said it was run very well. Hopefully this experience will put her in a strong position for the actual test. My son took your mock last year and is starting Langley Grammar in September. Thank you!


Two daughters pass

Both my children have passed their 11 Plus exams and got places at their first choice school. Grateful to Chukra for useful study material, especially the mock exams.



I feel much much more confident after attending 2 of your mocks!!!!! I am excited about doing the 11+ in 10 days!!!

Get this now

I'm going to do the 11+ and with this its a great support and boost if there is anything use this I did one mock test and I'm really clever all credit to you chukra.

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