This site is one of the best

Chuckra this is a great website for nearly every child from all over the country. This site is one of the best sites and it is really helping me. Thank you Chuckra. I gave this site a rating of 5 stars because its absolutely brilliant thanks!

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  1. I Recommend this. I am very proud to say that I deeply recommend Chukra (Or is it Chuckra?) is an amazing website and if you’re new you just HAVE to sign up for it. Secondly, my exam is in September and I’m super excited about it.I do hope I pass and I’m confident I will thanks to Chuckra. The limited times for the tests really helped me as for grammar school tests you are truly timed.I’m doing really well in the mock tests as I usually get scores like 76/80 or even 100%. My lowest percent has been 72%.Without Chuckra it would’ve been like 20%.

  2. This site is helping me sooooo much with the mock tests and the helpful practice tests which i am certain will give me a huge boost in my learning.I have only 2 weeks until my exam for Woodford which i am super nervous about but i am confident that Chuckra will help me pass all my grammar schools so that i get a great mark on every single test and i get into the school that i want to. And i am sure that i can rely on Chuckra to get me through the 11plus and suceed so i get into a school close to my house and a school which will lead me to an amazing future.

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