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I worked with my daughter to prepare for a super-selective grammar which accepts fewer than 10% of applicants. I wanted to keep things low-key as I didn’t want her to feel under huge pressure and we both found Chuckra really helpful. We liked the mini tutorials which explained the principle behind different question types; the presentations were very approachable and easy to follow and the tests provided good practice.
One of the most useful things for me as a parent was the availability of mock tests from Chuckra with detailed score results from the cohort which had taken the test. This was invaluable as it’s otherwise very difficult for an inexperienced parent to know how their child is likely to rank against their peers in a competitive exam. This is probably the only area of 11+ preparation in which a tutor has an advantage over a committed parent, and I was grateful that Chuckra made this data available at a reasonable price.
I feel very strongly that any parent with time and commitment should feel confident to prepare their child for a test which is, after all, aimed at smart ten-year-olds. Success in the 11+ exam should not be determined by wealth and the ability to pay for expensive tutors who claim special insider knowledge. Chuckra is fantastic resource for low-cost and effective material which should give any capable child a decent chance.

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