Virtual Mock: 2024 (tests C)

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You will be completing two tests today with a short break in between.

The 1st test is English Comprehension & Verbal Reasoning and the 2nd test is Numerical & Non-verbal Reasoning. Each test will take just under 1 hour to complete, but will be split into sections which will be timed separately.

We would like to remind you that if the test seems really easy, please make sure you work as accurately as possible, without making any careless errors, to ensure you get the highest mark you can. Likewise, if the test seems really tricky, stay calm, as it is very likely that everyone is finding it tricky so just keep working through the paper as best you can.

Many of our previous students have ended up getting a higher result on what they felt was a harder test because the results get adjusted depending on the difficulty of the test and how well everyone has done on that specific test. So relax, take a deep breath and enjoy today’s tests.


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