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Making UK entrance test preparation simple.

CEM, GL Assessment and Common Entrance

Ultra simple to use. Students love it!


questionmix-logoQuestion miX is an online testing system for practising the types of questions that appear in selective school entrance tests in the UK (e.g. 11 Plus, Common Entrance). It is question-based rather than test-based. What this means is that each time your child uses Question miX they can complete as many questions as they can in the time they have available and not have to worry about completing a whole test. It fits in perfectly with busy schedules. Say your child only had 10 minutes spare before school, they wouldn’t have time for a full 11 plus test, but using Question miX, they would still be able fit in a valuable practice session in that time. When they have more time available they can do more questions., also a Chuckra project, was designed to be an ultra simple, no fuss system.

  • Practise a variety questions.
  • Suitable for CEM, GL Assessment and Common Entrance Exams.
  • Ultra simple to use. Students love it!

In addition to the great mix of questions, also has a fabulous selection brain games designed especially to build core skills required for success in selective tests.

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