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11+ Verbal Reasoning is written for children who are sitting 11+, CATs, Common Entrance and scholarship examinations. The books also include useful hints and approaches to 11+ multiple-choice papers. They are specifically suited for preparing children who are sitting GL Assessment (formerly known as nferNelson) Non-verbal Reasoning tests. The Cognitive Abilities Tests (CATs) are regularly used in schools to measure a pupil’s ability. They comprise Verbal Reasoning (VR), Quantitive Reasoning (QR) and Non-verbal Reasoning (NVR). Over a million children sit these tests every academic year. AEP workbooks are rigorously classroom tested, frequently revised and updated. This set of workbooks by Stephen Curran follows the teaching methods used by AE Tuition in its very successful school. A comprehensive teaching and learning method explains each topic fully with worked examples and exercises to measure progress and understanding. Answers for each exercise are provided at the back of each workbook together with progress charts and a Certificate of Achievement. Each book focuses on all techniques required in multiple-choice Verbal Reasoning papers. They are specifically suited for preparing children who are sitting NFER Verbal Reasoning tests. All the books use a unique coding system. Sections are organised relating to Verbal Reasoning Technique, Verbal Reasoning Information and Verbal Reasoning Exercises. The first two books consist of six chapters that divide verbal reasoning technique into six main areas of knowledge. BOOK 1 Alphabet Reasoning Word Patterns and Codes Vocabulary with Spelling Vocabulary with Meaning BOOK 2 Logical Reasoning Mathematical Reasoning We are sure you will find both books a great resource for studying Verbal Reasoning. ISBN-13: 9781910107492 ISBN-13: 9781910107508

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