AEP Spelling & Vocabulary Half Book Set (7-12)

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The Spelling & Vocabulary series provides a complete and comprehensive course building a child’s spelling and vocabulary expertise. Working through the series will give your child a working vocabulary of more than 5,400 words. The series helps prepare children for the GL Assessment and CEM 11+ exams, SATs, CATs, the Northern Ireland Transfer Test, Common Entrance and scholarship examinations for independent schools, and all other styles of verbal reasoning/ability and English tests.

This series of books is designed to be used in sequence and is divided into three levels: Foundation (Workbooks 1-3) for children aged 7 to 9Intermediate (Workbooks 4-7) for children aged 8 to 10Advanced (Workbooks 8-12) for children aged 9 to 12We recommend older children who face challenges in spelling and vocabulary work from Workbook 1 to ensure that there are no gaps in their understanding and their skills are built progressively. Children with more developed skills could begin with the Intermediate or Advanced series.


Books 7-12 are included in this set:

ISBN-13: 9781911553434  

ISBN-13: 9781911553441

ISBN-13: 9781911553458

ISBN-13: 9781911553465

ISBN-13: 9781911553472

ISBN-13: 9781911553489

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