AEP 11+ Verbal Activity Year 3/4 Workbook 2 : Verbal Reasoning Technique

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This is a complete and comprehensive teaching and learning course intended for children sitting 11+, SATs, common entrance and scholarship examinations. It is arranged in a topic by topic format. A unique code is used covering Technique, Information and Exercises.

Clear methodologies, with examples, are given for each technique. Useful hints and approaches to multiple-choice papers are included. Plenty of practice exercises are also included.

All books are rigorously classroom tested. Methodologies presented have been used in AE Tuition classes for over 20 years. These books are frequently revised and updated.

The course comprises two books: Book 1 contains Alphabet Reasoning, Word Patterns and Codes, Vocabulary with Spelling and Vocabulary with meaning; Book 2 contains Logical Reasoning and Mathematical Reasoning. Answers, progress chart and certificate of achievement are also included.


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