11 Plus Credits

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11 plus credits allow you to print or assign 11+ practice tests for students to complete in our online testing system – Chuckra 11+ Online.

Credits will give you access to:

  • Real past mock papers from the Chuckra 11+ exams
  • Assessment tests
  • Question Shuffle – a fun way to practice against the clock to make sure students are answering questions in good time. Over 5000 questions.

You may add as many students as you like and credits can be used to assign tests to any of your students.

Credits expire after 1 year.

Not sure how many to buy?

The Credits system makes 11+ preparation cost effective for everyone whether you are a parent, a small-scale tutor,  a tuition centre or school.

It’s simple. Buy…

100 credits if the real exam is coming up very soon and therefore students won’t have time to get through every question in our system.

600 credits if there is plenty of time before the real test. This is the most common number of credits bought by parents.

6000 credits if you are a small-scale 11+ tutor

15000 credits if you are a school or tuition centre with many students

You can select the number of credits to buy in the dropdown above.

The cost per credit decreases the more you buy at one time.

Additional information

Credit Quantity

100 credits, 600 credits, 6000 credits, 15000 credits


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