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Mock Exams for The Crypt School

We feel it is vital to book one or more mock tests containing the types of questions that usually appear in The Crypt School entrance exams. The nearest mock test centre to The Crypt School is Gloucestershire (Cheltenham) Test Centre. Our mock exams will ensure your child is tested on a wide variety of question types suitable for The Crypt School tests.

Online and Printable Practice for The Crypt School

Our online testing system contains the types of questions that tend to appear in The Crypt School selective tests. You can choose to take tests online or download and print them. If you are stuck on a particular question type when doing The Crypt School papers then use our Question Mix feature to practise individual question types.

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The Crypt School is a Boys Grammar School


Podsmead, Gloucs





First 10 minute warm up test, 25min break between tests The answer sheets for each test were different formats.Test 1 answer sheet simular format to the Bucks 12+ sheet. Test 2 answer sheet same format as the GL practice papers.


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