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Hello David,

If you want workbooks/methods/ practice tests these few are a great option (not in any particular order):

1) CGP for GL & other test providers (not CEM): Study Books (for methods) / Workbooks for VR & NVR / 10 minute tests for VR & NVR and Practice Tests for GL & other test providers (not CEM)

2) Chuckra VR Practice Workbook : – from the shop on this site

3) Collins (incorporating Letts): Study Books (for methods) / Workbooks for VR & NVR / Assessment Papers / Quick Tests for VR & NVR and Practice Tests for GL tests

4) Bond: Assessment Papers / 10 minute Tests for GL / Practice Tests for GL – available from this shop

5) ‘Athey’ VR and NVR GL Papers and ‘Learning Together’ – available from this shop

6) Bright Sparks by Susan Doherty – available from this shop

7) AEP Publishers – available from this shop

PLUS: There are many excellent GL-style exercises and practice tests in COAsT online by Chuckra and some by ‘Get Selected’ too. Some of these are printable and all are purchased by using credits. Have a look in the archived tests pre-2014 for VR and NVR. There are 8 VR Practice Papers plus 13 past VR mocks and 10 past mocks papers for NVR (=GL before 2014).

That should keep you busy. The most popular publishers/resources used for GL preparation are Letts, CGP, Bond & Chuckra.

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