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Hello Zubi-2,

Chuckra has been running mock tests for over 11 years and new/unseen papers are produced yearly to provide a realistic 11+ examination experience. There are normally 4 test papers every year – so a child can sit a maximum of 4 mocks.

I have been using them for many years for my own students and most students take a minimum of 2 mock tests. Some of my students take all 4 mock tests and have benefited from that – it is good to see their confidence and marks grow from test to test. My personal opinion is that if your child’s real 11+ exam is in the autumn, February is far too soon for a mock. I would recommend no earlier than May to start mock tests.Last minute mock tests in August/September can be helpful to get your son’s exam speed and methods up to speed, particularly if you have taken a break/holiday in the school’s summer holiday.

The big benefit of using the Chuckra mocks is that they are marked (by a computer) in the same way as the real exams, meaning that you have the results quickly and you can see online the actual questions that were taken, along with your son’s answers and explanations to help you work through any errors. Also, you can use the ‘analyse’ tool in COAsT to see which topics within the subjects need revising. A comparison on how your child is doing is given with the results as Chuckra has many test centres around the country.

Bookings will open in March 2108.

I hope that helps you make a decision about how many mocks to do.