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Hello Sumayah,

For the Trafford CEM Consortium (for Sale, Stretford, Urmston & Alty. Girls’)Test – I would suggest that you start using in Year 4 the CGP 8-9 and 9-10 years workbooks ’11+ The Practice Book with Assessment Tests for CEM’ in VR, NVR and Maths. There are also some useful 10 minute CGP (for CEM)workbooks for each subject. Also, start working on vocabulary, comprehension and speed in maths – there are some Scofield and Sims workbooks, at different levels, that cover these topics for Year 4 practice.

On this website, you could use the Year 4 (free) assessments in maths, NVR and English (perhaps not the VR one as that is more GL exam in style) – these would help you to identify weaker areas.

Read LOTS and use word/vocabulary puzzles – have a look at the 11+ playing cards in the shop on this site.

I hope that helps. (I replied as I am based in Trafford)

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