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Hello allforagoodreason,

As you are probably aware, the Trafford CEM Test, like other CEM Tests around the country does not have any ‘set’ question types – to try and keep the test fairer to all. There are not many workbooks at all that focus on one question type, most on the market now provide mixed practice.

However, I can tell you (as I am also in Trafford) that certain question types have come up the last 3 years, since the CEM introduction. The following books are helpful practice for these:
CGP -10-Minute Tests for 11+ Verbal Reasoning (for CEM Test): CLOZE (Ages 10-11)
CGP – 10-Minute Tests for 11+ Verbal Reasoning (for CEM Test): COMPREHENSION (Ages 10-11)
CGP – 10-Minute Tests for 11+ Maths (for CEM Test) : WORD PROBLEMS (Ages 10-11)

There are also some helpful individual CEM-style verbal-reasoning question types that can be practised on here, in COAsT online (in the archived tests … tick the box to see these), such as:
Reordering a sentence to find the rogue word (Type 22.1)
Swap two words in a sentence (Type 22.2)
Synonyms (VR Type 13)
Antonyms (VR Type 12)
Odd One Out (VR Type 14)
Make a word from 2 sets of words (VR Type 11)
Find a word to fit into a word that is missing some letters = CLOZE (VR Type 7)
Choose a word that fits with 2 different sets of given words (VR Type 16)
The 8 online Synonym Finders
Proofreading Quick Fire Test
Parts of Speech Quick Fire Test

For NVR Types 1 to 8 (also GL – but some of these HAVE been tested in Trafford)- Revision exercises and Quick Fire Tests.

I hope that’s helpful.