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Hello ese1234,

Welcome to

To help you, have a look at the links at the bottom of the home page as they will inform you how to get started: for advice for parents for website support/info.

There is also some very useful information and lots of instructional videos in the ‘Learn’ tab at the top of the page – these will help you prepare you child for the 11+/entrance exams.

A good place to start exam preparation is by using the Initial Assessments in each examined subject (either Year 4 or Year 5 ones – depending on your child’s age). These will indicate to you the topic areas/subjects that need targeting for practice. The Initial Tests are free in COAsT – the online test area.

It’s easy to register your child to take any online exercises/tests in COAsT and some of the tests can also be printed for use. The purchase of credits is needed for additional exercises, practice tests and past mock test papers. These can then be assigned, taken online and will enable you to review and analyse how your child is doing.

Do ask again if you become stuck with anything.

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