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Hello pradeepa-pushparaju,

All the Virtual Mock Tests have the same mixed format. They all include questions that are asked in the CEM and GL types of 11+ exams. My students have both formats of tests to take locally and so these exams are ideal for them. Don’t forget that there is a large amount of overlap between what is tested and question types.

The following is from the F.A.Q. section about the mock tests:

Are the same test papers used on each day? (same answer below applies to the virtual mock tests)
Chuckra Educational will provide four sets of mock papers (Tests A, B, C, D) which have been specifically written for Chuckra 11+ Mock Test Days and are not publicly available. Therefore, your child will be able to attend a maximum of four test days and complete a different set of papers on each day. (NOTE: There is also a new Test E available in addition to these 4 tests.)

Each set of papers includes English & Verbal Reasoning, Numerical & Non-verbal Reasoning (including Spatial Reasoning). It does not matter in which order these papers are sat as all four sets are similar in difficulty.
Are the mock tests suitable practice for CEM (uni of Durham), GL Assessment (formerly nferNelson) and/or other examining boards?
Yes, Chuckra has carefully analysed the types of questions and core skills being assessed by the major exam publishers when producing our challenging, high quality papers to provide the perfect opportunity for students, preparing for any 11 plus exam (CEM, GL Assessment, Moray House, CSSE and more), to overcome exam nerves whilst being assessed in a good cross-section of skills.