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Hello dinosaur11,

There a 10 CEM-style tests A to E, Papers 1 & 2 – found online and called ‘Mixed Subjects’. Tests A 1 and A 2 can be printed. They are 25 credits each.

Also helpful are the 10 past mock test papers A & B from 2015 to 2109 – these are a mix of CEM with a few GL-style questions too (mainly those that cross over between the 2 types) – these are also 25 credits each. The format of these tests is CEM-style with the short timed sections.

The NVR Quick Fire Questions are now in Shuffle (‘DO QUESTIONS’). I suggest that you watch the video about this feature as you can choose the subject and the type of question to practise once the first question has been done. See this link: or better still, look in MY 11Plus at ‘How students can do individual practice questions (Question Shuffle) under ‘Tests, Questions, Games’

I hope that helps you.

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