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Thank you again! Your advice is very helpful! Around 1000 children are taking the exam, so things could get a bit nervous for me, but now I think about it I think I will be fine. I think I should be a bit more confident in myself, but also need to remember that I need to keep my cool and be cautious!

I have a bad habit of only concentrating when I want to and I rarely get enough sleep, around 6 – 8 hours on average.
When I don’t concentrate I get 29/40, say, and when I am, I get, about 37/40. It’s always one way or another. Nobody, not even me, knows what will go through my head on the day. Luckily I have it in the afternoon, so maybe I can have an extra hour lie in and then practise tests on Chuckra, which has already helped me so much!

Thank you, your advice I will use and I should just hope for the best! Thanx, Ebash x