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Please have a look at this link to the information about out mock tests in 2019:
I think that you will find all of the information you need here (it is under the PRACTISE tab at the top of the Homepage). I have added some answers to your specific questions below:

The planned venues in Kent are:
(1) Weald of Kent Grammar School (Room – To Be Confirmed), Tudeley Lane, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 2JP.
(2) Laud Building (Room – To Be Confirmed), Canterbury Christ Church University (North Holmes Road Campus), CT1 1QU

Test Dates in TONBRIDGE
Jun: 2019-06-15 Saturday – Tests A – morning
Jul: 2019-07-14 Sunday – Tests B – morning
Aug: 2019-08-18 Sunday – Tests C – morning
Sep: 2019-09-01 Sunday – Tests D – morning

Test Dates in CANTERBURY
Jul: 2019-07-20 Saturday – Tests A – morning
Aug: 2019-08-17 Saturday – Tests D – morning

Tests A,B,C & D available for booking in Tonbridge and only Tests A & D available in Canterbury. Each of these papers is different which means that you can book up to a maximum of 4 different tests – they are the same across each test centre in the UK. This means that you can use different test centres if you would like to but it advisable to book different tests to avoid repetition.

Our mock tests are great preparation for CEM (Durham), GL Assessment and other examining bodies – within the same papers. Subjects examined are: English (Comprehension) & Verbal Reasoning (VR), Mathematics & Numerical Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR) & Spatial Reasoning.

Bookings will open in February 2019 and are booked online.

Please do come back to us if you still have some queries.

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