Mock Results Feedback

The feedback shows how your Student’s results compare to results from all the students who have taken the tests.

At the mocks, students sat two test papers:

  • English Comprehension & Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical (Maths) & Non-verbal (including Spatial) Reasoning

Each test was split into further sub-sections which were timed separately.

The results are broken down further in the tag breakdown and have been split into English, Verbal Reasoning, Maths and Non-verbal Reasoning to allow more insight into your child’s performance in each subject.

Did my Student pass? *

* DISCLAIMER: The results from the Chuckra Mock Tests should be used only as a guide. We make no guarantee that your child’s scores from these tests will reflect the scores they attain in the real 11+ exam.

The pass mark varies from region to region and in some cases from year to year. Because there is only a set number of Grammar School places available and the number of applicants varies each year, we cannot provide you with an exact pass or fail. However we can provide guidance on how to analyse your child’s results and give you an indication of a likely pass, possible pass or unlikely pass.

Understanding your child’s results

Score: The number of questions your child got correct out of the total number of questions in the test.

Percentage (%): The score written as a percentage e.g. a score of 40 out of 80 is 50% (40/80 x 100).

Looking at the Score and Percentage is useful in indicating what proportion of the total marks a child has gained, but these scores do not account for factors such as how hard the test is and where a child stands in relation to other children taking the test.

Rank: Your child’s position within the group of test-takers. For example, a rank of 60 means 60% of children taking the test achieved a lower score than the score your child achieved.

As a guideline, a rank of ’85’ or above indicates a likely pass. This means your child is in the top 15% of all the children who have taken the mock test.

Age Adjustment: In the real 11+ exam there will be minor adjustments made to the final score depending on your child’s age. We have not age-adjusted the mock test scores as the exact data tables used to make these calculations are not publicly available. As a guideline, younger students only get a few points added to their score. We feel it is best not to rely on these ‘bonus’ points when preparing.

Only the top children attain a grammar school place. It is important to compare your child’s score on the mock test with their scores on other practice test papers completed recently to establish whether the mock test result is in line with these. If not, exam nerves are likely to have had an effect. Remember a major part of success in the eleven plus exam is the ability to stay calm in exam conditions and perform to one’s best ability on the day. Our mock exams give your child the opportunity to improve their confidence during formal exams.

What to do next

The tests (full questions as well as the answers your Student chose) can be reviewed online when logged in to a Parent, Tutor or Student account. Please go through the tests with your child carefully to help them to understand the questions they got wrong. Remember, nerves were likely to have played a big part in your child’s performance, so please be supportive as mock tests can be challenging.

Students can also retry all of the questions which they got wrong or did not manage to answer, for free, as Retry Questions in My 11PLUS. The Retry Qs button is available on the Dashboard in the Student account. This can be done before or after you review the tests with them. If they get any wrong again, those questions will automatically go back into their bank of Retry Questions.

In previous years, completing at least 2 Chuckra mock exams proved to be highly beneficial for calming exam nerves. Students’ results increased with each mock test taken.

If you would like to book more mocks – Booking will open in mid-March 2022

If you need assistance, please contact us by completing the online form and we will do our best to assist you.

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Helpful advice for your child to understand

The final real 11plus exam results are ‘standardised’ which means that the results are adjusted to take things like age and difficulty of the actual test paper compared to previous years’ papers into account. Therefore, your child’s score may actually go up or down depending on how well they do in comparison to everyone else taking the test this year. There are only a set number of places in grammar schools so if everyone does really well on the test paper all of the scores will be adjusted down slightly, so that only the required percentage of students gains a place at Grammar School. The same happens if the test is really hard and everyone gets a very low score, the scores will be adjusted upwards slightly to ensure that the required percentage still passes.

Therefore, we explained this to the mock attendees and said: “All you need to do is realise that if the test paper seems really easy, please make sure you work as accurately as possible to ensure you get the highest mark you can without making any careless errors as it is likely the scores will be adjusted downwards if the test is easy. Likewise, if the test paper seems really tricky, stay calm, as it is very likely that everyone is finding it tricky so keep working through the paper as best you can, to score as well as you can, since the scores are likely to be adjusted upwards.”

Many students have ended up getting a higher result on what they felt was a harder paper because the results got adjusted as has just been explained.

General observations from Examiners re. paper-based exam sessions 

Many students leave answers blank instead of at least guessing the answers they either do not know or do not have the time to work out. A guess is better than no answer!

Some students, despite being shown and told at the start of each paper, do not mark their multiple-choice answer boxes correctly – there tend to be some short lines that do not touch the sides and incorrect answers scribbled out instead of being rubbed out. It is important that the answer boxes are filled in exactly how it states in the instructions for each exam.

Here is an example of how some of the answer blocks need to be filled in…


A few pupils put their hands up to ask how much time they have left instead of watching the clock or looking at the board, showing the finishing time. It is worth encouraging students to watch the clock themselves (or their own watch) to get essential practice at managing their time effectively.

In general, students need to listen more clearly to the instructions given and also follow the written instructions on the question paper.

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In previous years, doing at least 2 Chuckra mock exams proved to be highly beneficial for calming exam nerves.

Booking will open in mid-March 2022