Marking Instructions

In order to ensure high accuracy levels, ALL TESTS must be marked by hand prior to being entered online.

Use the marking template printed on clear acetate or the audio recording of correct answers which has been sent to you to help speed this up. 

If aligned correctly, the marking template will indicate the correct answers for the test so you can simply count up the correct answers. The scores counted by hand can then be compared with the scores when entering online.

Steps & Tips for using the marking template

  1. Lay the answer sheet on a flat surface.
  2. Lay the matching marking template on top of the answer sheet and align the two sheets using the circular sync points in the four corners as well as the rectangular blocks of the student info.
  3. Place a few coins or small heavy objects on the page to keep the sheets neatly aligned.
  4. Count all of the correct answers to find a total correct for that test. It might be easier to jot down the score for each row and then sum those at the end, but see what works best for you.
  5. Write the total score for that student on the answer sheet, to the left of the student label.

NB: Remember, if a question has only one correct option (as indicated by the marking template) then if a student has marked more than one option for that question, the answer is wrong. 

Marking Tool

The Marking Tool is only visible if you are logged in to an account that has been given ‘marking access’.

Steps for entering answers

  1. Go to the Marking Zone tab.
  2. Select the appropriate venue, mock date and test.
  3. Click ‘change student’ to enter the student number.
  4. Enter the appropriate student number (trial accounts below) –> OK.
  5. Enter all answers as chosen by the student –> Submit
  6. The details you are about to submit will be shown in a popup. Verify that the score online matches the score when marked by hand. If it matches, then click ‘submit’ in the popup. If the scores do not match, click ‘cancel’ and review the test answers to find the reason for the mismatch before submitting the entry.

Notes & Tips

The layout of the answer blocks will not match the layout of the printed answer sheets exactly i.e. there might be a different number of blocks on each row, so please be sure that you are entering for the correct question.

The current score is shown in a small white box at the bottom left of the screen while you are entering the answers.

To see a list of the test entries submitted, click on the ‘Marked Tests’ tab (more info below).

NB: You cannot delete a test entry once you have submitted it, so please check all of the details and the score carefully before clicking the final SUBMIT button. However, if you do submit something with an error in it, please make a note of the attempt ID for that entry so you can inform us by email once all of the marking for that test day is complete.

Marked Tests 

Once you have entered some trial entries for the students below, you can go to the ‘Marked Tests’ tab to see these entries.

The Marked Tests tab shows a list of the tests marked by all Markers at your venue. This list can be filtered and sorted as you need to be able to check that everything has been entered correctly. The number of rows (shown above the filters) gives you the total number of entries for the data displayed.

Trial Accounts 

Use these trial student accounts to try out the Marking Tool.


username: trialparent
password: trialp


student number: 366714
name: Brian Trial
username: trialstudent1
password: trial1p

student number: 366715
name: Mila Trial
username: trialstudent2
password: trial2p

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