Local versus National Eleven Plus Mock Results

It is very interesting that results from 11 plus mock exam days around the country do not vary much across the different test centres. The lowest, highest and average scores are always only a few marks apart across the exam centres. If one group finds a particular 11+ test challenging, then so do students at all of the other centres. This means that comparing your child’s result against a large group of students, even if they are from different regions, is likely to be more beneficial than comparing only against a small group of local students.

One might expect most students sitting mock exams to be more prepared than those who are not attending mock exams at all and hence that the mock exam group scores might be inflated since the students attending are students who are preparing rather than the general student body. However, 11 plus mock test scores do range from as low as 15% through to over 95% which demonstrates a large range of abilities.

Chuckra Mock Exam Days provide a great opportunity to sit a mock exam and receive results feedback compared with a large number of students since the same exam papers are used at all of our Test Centres across the UK.

Are the mock exams suitable practice for CEM (uni of Durham), GL Assessment (formerly nferNelson), CSSE and/or other examining boards?


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