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Is Year 4 too young to attend 11+ mocks?

This is a frequently asked question by parents of students starting their 11 plus preparation journey. And our response is that it depends on the student’s personality as to whether it is a good idea to attend a mock exam at the end of year 4 or not.

If they are likely to feel overwhelmed by a challenging paper then it might be better to wait until year 5 to attend mock exams. However if they are quite strong students who enjoy a challenge and you can manage their expectations by explaining to them that they may find it quite challenging, but that is okay and to simply work through the paper as best they can, then attending a mock exam can be helpful for you and them to introduce the exam room setting as well as help establish how much work needs to be done over the upcoming year.

Chuckra provides one set of tests per exam day, but these are suitable for both year 4 and year 5 students as the questions range in difficulty from relatively easy through to challenging. So Year 4 students are welcome to attend Chuckra 11 Plus Mock Exams

Results from year 4 students are not included in the stats, but parents will get to see how their year 4 student does in comparison to all exam attendees. So it is actually a good way for year 4 students to see how much work needs to be put in over the next year to reach the required standard.

We strongly suggest doing practice papers at home though prior to attending a mock exam day, because if a student is struggling with the practice papers at home, it would not be recommended for them to attend a mock exam day until they have improved and at least feel reasonably confident when completing papers at home.


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