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    There is a faulty question in Assessment Year 4 English

    Qid 9257, link : https://www.11plus.co.uk/my-11plus/?state=hbcws



    I checked this question for you and there is not an error in it.

    The question asks you to find the most opposite words from a set of five and the correct answers are as shown: seize (to take hold of) and loose (to unfasten).

    Perhaps you were confused with the words lose (= to mislay) and loose?


    but isnt find and loose opposite


    If I find something I have it, whereas when I loose something I don’t


    Hello again,

    Sorry… this is where you are incorrect:
    loose = not tight/unfastened
    lose = when you misplace something and cannot find it.

    Hope that helps 😉

    I suggest that you look up these words in a dictionary.


    Thank you, Pamela

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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