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    My daughter is in year 5, and is looking to sit Trafford exams in Sept 2017.
    i’m looking for some workbooks or CDs that allow repeated practice of the same question types, so she can build a solid foundation before we start mixtures of questions.

    Thank you,


    Hello allforagoodreason,

    As you are probably aware, the Trafford CEM Test, like other CEM Tests around the country does not have any ‘set’ question types – to try and keep the test fairer to all. There are not many workbooks at all that focus on one question type, most on the market now provide mixed practice.

    However, I can tell you (as I am also in Trafford) that certain question types have come up the last 3 years, since the CEM introduction. The following books are helpful practice for these:
    CGP -10-Minute Tests for 11+ Verbal Reasoning (for CEM Test): CLOZE (Ages 10-11)
    CGP – 10-Minute Tests for 11+ Verbal Reasoning (for CEM Test): COMPREHENSION (Ages 10-11)
    CGP – 10-Minute Tests for 11+ Maths (for CEM Test) : WORD PROBLEMS (Ages 10-11)

    There are also some helpful individual CEM-style verbal-reasoning question types that can be practised on here, in COAsT online (in the archived tests … tick the box to see these), such as:
    Reordering a sentence to find the rogue word (Type 22.1)
    Swap two words in a sentence (Type 22.2)
    Synonyms (VR Type 13)
    Antonyms (VR Type 12)
    Odd One Out (VR Type 14)
    Make a word from 2 sets of words (VR Type 11)
    Find a word to fit into a word that is missing some letters = CLOZE (VR Type 7)
    Choose a word that fits with 2 different sets of given words (VR Type 16)
    The 8 online Synonym Finders
    Proofreading Quick Fire Test
    Parts of Speech Quick Fire Test

    For NVR Types 1 to 8 (also GL – but some of these HAVE been tested in Trafford)- Revision exercises and Quick Fire Tests.

    I hope that’s helpful.


    Thank you so much. This is exactly what i’m looking for, so we go though one type of questions and i want her to practise those type of questions, in order to build her confidence and speed.
    Am struggling to find these archived tests though.

    Thanks again,


    The archived tests are one of the filters (last one on the right) when you are choosing the subjects etc. in COAsT.

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