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    I am simply looking for 11plus papers to work though with my son. I find this sight appalling in guiding me to my chosen request


    Hi @dryw-mclaren,

    Sorry that you find the site hard to use. It may seem hard at first because we don’t just have a list of tests that can be downloaded as files and printed. Tests on 11plus have to be assigned to a particular Student through our online testing system called COAsT. This may seem like an annoying inconvenience but many of our users find it useful because with COAsT they can…

    – Keep track of what tests have been completed (either online or printed)
    – Enter results of printed tests so all results are stored in one system
    – See how the Student scored compared to other children (even for printed tests if you enter the result)

    Parents are busy and often don’t want to take time to learn how to use COAsT. For those types of parents, we invented a different site called I think you might prefer that. It’s really simple to use and the feedback from students has been amazing.

    If you do want to stick around on and spend a few minutes learning how to use COAsT then the video at the top of this page might be of help…

    COAsT Help – Tests

    I can see that you’ve added a student already. The above video shows you how to assign tests to your student.

    Good luck!


    We are aware that our website help is not quite up to scratch after our recent website move. We are working on this right now and over the coming months there will be some big improvements in guiding parents how to use the site.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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