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    we keep getting unexpected questions in the “Retry Questions” list, sometimes in hundreds
    I have tried called your contact number and spoke to someone for last 4-5 weeks but not only the issue is yet to be resolved, there is never a call back for an update. everytime i call, i am informed that he will talk to technical team and call me back, but never done so far.
    Retry Questions increase everyday we login (without attempting any further test) and currently stand to 935+

    By the way, we know that any incorrectly answered or unattempted questions go to “Retry Question” list. However in our case, these come from a test that hasnt been touched at all.

    I thought it happens if I assign more than 1 test at a time, and any test in the “to do” section is marked as “attempted” by this issue in the system and all the questions move to “Retry Question” section.
    today we had a different experience, there was no test in the “to do” section and still the retry questions moved from 935 to 1085

    can you please help clear the current number of “Retry Questions” as well as fix the root cause of this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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