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    Hi ,
    Please help to guide – how to unassigned MOCK test 2018 B.



    You can only access the 2018 Mock Tests if you took the actual test(s). If you took the test it will be available for review in the parent/tutor and student accounts.

    The 2018 Mock Tests are not available otherwise to assign to students in COAsT.



    i brought 2 papers online using my credits but clicked “assign” button by mistake.
    I now want to print those papers but its asking me to unassign those before I do anything. Could you please tell me how to unassign the online exam that i have accidentally assigned.

    I appreciate your early reply.

    Many Thanks


    Hello Ravi,

    Here are the instructions for how to unassign a test:

    1. Go to ‘My 11plus’ and choose your student and the ‘Test Activity’ tab at the top
    2. Select the tests you want to unassign – you will see them in your student’s list of tests to do
    3. Press the ‘Unassign Selected Tests’ button


    There is no ‘Test Activity’ tab. The only thing closest that I see is ‘Test List’ and ‘Student Activity’ tab and no option to unassign is shown. Are these instructions correct? Why can I see the ‘Test Activity’ tab?


    Go to your parent/tutor account (not the child’s account)and choose the student, then click on ‘ACTIONS FOR SELECTED STUDENTS’on the top right (= the test activity tab) and choose ‘VIEW RESULTS’ from the drop down menu.
    Once in this you can filter the results to see ‘pending tests’ that are still to be completed and then you can choose which ones to unassign and do so using the big green button on the right (once you have ticked your chosen ones).

    Hope that helps 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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