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    Where i can see summary view for Topic or Subtopic wise question count and Score.

    Currently it shows full list of all questions attempted without categorizing them by topic/sub-topic.

    I hope the summarized view will help learn the topic/sub-topics which we have either not attempted 100% or scoring low.

    Kind Regards


    Hello Vishal-Subash,

    Go into ‘Results and Assigned Tests’ and under your child’s name you will see ‘BY TOPIC’. In this section you will be able to see the full topic breakdown by subject and then topic.


    i want to buy credits but before i want to know my daughter in year 8 .are these tests are classwise or Key stages and also which subjects are included.
    she has GL assessment next month


    Hello Akramsdk,

    The tests and exercises in COAsT online are used for preparation for the 11+ (Key Stage 2/ Year 6) for entrance to a grammar school and so most students will be in Years 5 & 6. Just a few of the Initial Assessments are for Year 4 and some Year 4 pupils may also use the Year 5 exercise too.

    The subjects tested in the exercises online are: Maths, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and English. There are also some vocabulary exercises (e.g. Synonym Finders).

    To access the GL types of verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning, you will need to tick the archived tests box when choosing the exercises.

    Please see the parent information here:

    If you need help assigning tests go to

    I hope that answers your question?


    If my daughter does the Coast online topic wise practice, where can I see how well she did them? thanks


    Hello Hads,

    Do you mean that your daughter had been using the Shuffle Questions?

    If so, you can see how well she is doing under the results tab in My 11plus when you are logged on to your parent account. Look in the ‘Question Shuffle and Retry’ results.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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