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    I hope I pass my 11 plus work and I am in the middle so 50 percent anxious and I am 25 percent excited but 25 percent certain I will pass. Does anybody have any advice that can help me to clear my head and maybe I will get lucky?
    By the way, this website is AWESOME. Thank you Chuckra I have improved my Non-verbal and math so much!


    Hello Ebash,

    Please try not to stress about the exam(s) – it won’t help you. What may help is being more confident of your abilities and the fact that you have taken the trouble to put in the work and prepare for your exam.

    Perhaps ease off masses of work now and do short timed tests or sections of practice tests to keep you ‘ticking over’. Do some sport and get some fresh air. Plan something you enjoy for after the exam(s) so that you have something to look forward to and try not to listen to other stressed students as they will pass it on!

    Here are some last minute exam tips for 11+ exams:
    1. Fill in your answer boxes carefully and correctly.
    2. If you make a mistake RUB IT OUT and then put in your correct answer. Do not leave 2 answers on show (unless it is a verbal
    reasoning type that needs 2 answers marked).
    3. If a verbal reasoning question needs 2 answers put in (e.g. most similar, odd ones out, compound word etc.) make sure you do.
    4. Don’t leave any question without an answer. If you cannot do it make your best guess and mark that in. You could also circle the
    number of the question on your question paper so that you know to go back to that question if you have time.
    5. You may not do any working out/rough workings on your multiple-choice answer sheet – don’t be tempted. Ask for scrap paper if
    you are not given any OR use the question papers.
    6. For GL exams only: Use the quick methods we learnt for some of the GL type verbal reasoning questions.
    7. If you are nearing the end of the test and you have not finished make sure that you put in a guess for the questions that you
    have not managed to do and quickly identify easy questions that you can do speedily.
    8. If you are going to look at your own watch in the test make sure that it says the same time as the clock on the wall.
    9. Watch the clock! For GL exams- If you see that you have more to do than half the questions left by half-way you must speed up.
    Make sure you know when the section or test will finish (this should be written down for you somewhere).
    10. For CEM Papers: Read and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page telling you either to continue to the next page or
    stop working.
    11. Make sure that you go to the toilet BEFORE the start of the tests. Extra time will not be given to pupils who have to leave the
    exam room.
    12. Listen very carefully to the instructions given – particularly for CEM Test audio instructions.
    13. Ensure that you have a good breakfast and a drink before you set off – your brain needs food.
    14. Take your pencils and rubber etc. in a clear plastic bag or pencil case. If all your pencils break put your hand up and ask to
    borrow one until the end of that test. Pack these the night before.
    15. Get some really good nights’ sleep the days leading up to your tests and give yourself a break from studying the day before.
    16. Don’t worry about the results. It’s really difficult to predict how you have done as the results are all standardised
    differently. You can only do your best!
    17. If you are unwell on the day of a test DO NOT GO. Telephone the school to inform them and you will be given another test date.
    You will have to produce a doctor’s certificate.

    Hope that helps 🙂


    Thank you! I am doing great on my tests though it does need a little bit of refining 😏.

    I will have a healthy breakfast like porridge with bananas. My 11 plus is in four days so it is worrying! I will try not to stress – do you think it’s better to think that you can do it. My teachers all say that the children who were confident in their papers said they got fewer marks and the children who thought they wouldn’t and were a little bit nervy got a lot! I am really confused, I know its kinda annoying me asking you like this and I understand if you don’t reply :-)!

    Thank you for ur advice anyhow I hope I will get through!

    I will do everything you said and hope for the best and keep my spirits up!


    Hello Ebash,

    Re: Your question about confidence…
    Everybody is different! Don’t be over too over-confident as this can lead to silly mistakes by not taking reading the questions carefully enough because you think you know what is being asked. However, it is helpful for you to remember that you can do what is being asked – as you have prepared for your test = you can do your best.

    Good luck!


    Thank you again! Your advice is very helpful! Around 1000 children are taking the exam, so things could get a bit nervous for me, but now I think about it I think I will be fine. I think I should be a bit more confident in myself, but also need to remember that I need to keep my cool and be cautious!

    I have a bad habit of only concentrating when I want to and I rarely get enough sleep, around 6 – 8 hours on average.
    When I don’t concentrate I get 29/40, say, and when I am, I get, about 37/40. It’s always one way or another. Nobody, not even me, knows what will go through my head on the day. Luckily I have it in the afternoon, so maybe I can have an extra hour lie in and then practise tests on Chuckra, which has already helped me so much!

    Thank you, your advice I will use and I should just hope for the best! Thanx, Ebash x


    I need your help! I think I did well on my kent test but deeper inside I feel like I failed. My mum paid so much on tuition and if I fail she will be super angry. At school, I’m top of the class but WHAT IF I DONT PASS!!!


    Hello Jesse 33,

    I am sure that you have done your very best in the test that you took and it sounds as if you are doing well in school. It’s always very tricky to tell exactly how you have done when you have taken a test.

    Your Mum supported you and provided extra tuition because she wanted you to have the opportunity to be better prepared. Failure is not having a go at all, rather than giving yourself a chance – as you have.

    Worrying will not change anything now. If you don’t pass it really is not a disaster. You will have gained plenty of new skills and greater confidence from the tuition and exam preparation. These will help you in whatever school you move on to for your secondary education.


    Thank you! You guys are the best. I can now be happy that even if I don’t pass I will succeed in whatever school I get.
    My 11+ finishes in one and I am super excited to get a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I’ll definitely recommend this website to other people. 🙂


    chuckra,i did 8 schools and passed 1, i passed the buckingamshire secondary transfer test with 122, the pass mark is 121. i live in london which is very far from buckingamshire .my parents are planning to rent a house in aylesbury to get a place for aylesbury grammar school or sir henry floyd grammar school. my parents will be very upset and angry if i dont get selected for any of the 2 schools in aylesbury. how much percent is there if i rent a house in aylesbury?


    Hello aswini-sqa,

    Sorry, we cannot advise you about this as each 11+ region in the UK is very different.

    Your parents will need to follow the strict guidelines that are published about applicants outside of Buckinghamshire and provide the correct evidence, in the right timeframe for any application to a grammar school to be considered.


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