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    hi i got 200 percent on west herts consortium, not happy at all, i wanted watford grammar school for boys. on music i got alright yet not sure whether able to get wb for that, so my only hope is the west herts private/international schools. PLEASE HELP ME!


    Hello Srimalglk,

    Watford Grammar School for Boys quote on their appeals information that ‘All unsuccessful applicants to the School have the right to appeal’ – this is something that you can do but of course there is no guarantee of success and you will need an alternative firm offer in place.

    Their website also says:
    ‘Secondary Transfer Admission Appeals (Year 7)
    Parents wishing to appeal who applied through Hertfordshire’s online system should log in to their
    online application and click on the link “register an appeal”. Out of county residents and paper
    applicants should call the Customer Service Centre on 0300 123 4043 to request their registration
    details, log into and click on the link “log into the appeals
    system”. ‘

    We are unable to advise about individual schools and their admissions procedures because each 11+ region/grammar school is different. Therefore please take local advice from the schools and local education authority to explore the options available for you.


    oh. ok. ireally need help on english comprehension and NVR
    if you could give me tips on both that would be great. also do you have any other reccommended schools in the west herts consortium?


    Have a look at the method videos in the LEARN section to pick up some tips:

    NVR =
    Comprehension =

    At the stage you are at, having taken the Herts Consortium Test, you will most know that more practice is the only way in which you will improve.

    Sorry, we are not able to advise about your local schools – you will need local advice for this. The best place to start is with your school’s head and/or your teacher.


    okay thank you. shame that my teacher and head REALLY DONT CARE about big exams like these. thank you alot anyway. oh great it looks perfect. thx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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