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    My daughter recently took a mock. The results say she got 65% for English and 69% for Verbal Reasoning, yet her total score for the English and Verbal Reasoning Section is more than both of these at 73%. How is this possible?


    Hi aleverton4,

    Hope I can explain this clearly…

    Every question in our system is tagged with a topic. The reason the tag breakdown seems unusual is because historically some of the Maths type questions also appeared in Verbal Reasoning exams. If you click to expand the Verbal Reasoning breakdown you can see all the sub topics. You will find ‘VR Type 19’ and ‘VR Type 20’. These question types were actually taken by your child in the Maths exam but they have come up under the Verbal Reasoning tagging for the reason explained above.

    We will try to update our question tagging so that things are more clear. However, even as it is right now, the tag breakdown is still a useful way to see which topics need more practice. The topic tree is ordered from weakest to strongest topics.


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    nazzyxx, if you do it again you will be banned from the site and all your test results will be erased. I will also forward your forum posts to your parents. You have been warned!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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