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    My daughter has done a test and I can see her rank but I don’t see how many children did the test, e.g. if your rank is 2 and four children did the test then that’s nowhere near as impressive compared to if 100 children did the test. Where can I see that, as the number is meaningless otherwise. Thanks.


    The number is far from meaningless. It’s a PERCENTILE rank which means you don’t even need to know how many people took the test. It tells you what PERCENTAGE of students scored below you.

    e.g. If you got a Rank of 36 then it would mean that 36% of all the other students scored below that.

    Rank is between 1 and 99. 1 means you are the bottom student and 99 means you are the top student. A Rank of 50 is average. Below 50 is below average. Roughly the top 15% stand a good chance of passing so this would be a Rank of 85 or above.

    Hope this makes sense


    Thanks for the explanation. That’s helpful to know.
    It would still be beneficial to know how many students we’re talking about – 20 or 2000? The higher the number, the more relevant the rank.

    When my child takes the mocks on 3rd Sept, would the rank be for that county only or ranked nationwide?

    E.g. If the highest scoring students were in Essex and I’m in Cambridge, I stand a higher chance due to less competition.

    Another question please, if students retook the test, wild they be ranked alongside those who took it for the first time?

    Thanks for your service and for your patience.



    The Rank given for our mock test days is for the whole country so your student will be compared to many hundreds (minimum of around 500, often more depending on the test) of students.

    We give local averages, high and low scores in the results email.

    Because the number of students who take tests online is much higher, the number of people who take the same test more than once is negligible. I did the stats once to remove 2nd attempts and it had practically no effect on the ranks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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