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    Hello 11plus,
    My child has been doing a few tests and the score is sometimes saying undefined\undefined and also you do not mail me my son’s score and average score.


    I have the same problems undefined and no mailing of score. He has wasted time doing test on 3 occasions and then his scores have not registered. Not very motivating


    Hi guys,

    Which test did this happen on? We will get it fixed asap.



    I did a test and in around 3 questions it said ALERT INVALID CHARACTER
    It was an English test and the message affected my scores. Please fix this because it is a bit annoying when doing the tests.

    Thank you


    If anyone does experience undefined\undefined for a test score, please get in touch to let us know for which test this has happened. It is likely to be a problem with the displaying of the score, but that your score is still saved so there is no need to redo the test.

    The Activity Summary Emails will start up again this week.

    @ Maria Ali – thank you for pointing this out, these questions have now been fixed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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