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    Is there anything higher then “likely pass”? My student got 85% and ranked 95 and got the comment “likely pass”.


    Hello Shagufta,

    ‘Likely pass’ is the top comment possible.

    For more information please see: and also this video:

    Please note: ‘The results from the Chuckra Mock Test Days should be used only as a guide. We make no guarantee that your child’s scores from these tests will reflect the scores they attain in the real 11+ exam.’

    I hope that helps.


    how do you get the tests like after they have been set??????? because we are stuck me and my son


    Hello doyain2006,

    I’m presuming that your parent or tutor has assigned you some tests to do in MY 11PLUS (online section).

    To do any tests/exercises you need to sign in to your student account and the ‘DO TESTS’ will be shown.Then you can choose the exercise that you were asked to complete.


    It is doyin not doyain but thanks for your help.
    My daughter and two sons have are doing the exam hope for the best.


    Good luck to all students preparing this year.


    My son is currently doing his maths and non verbal mock test. Once he finished doing section C, it came back again as new section(undone questions) instead of section D. He’s doing section C again. It’s frustrating for him.



    Did anyone hear background coughing sounds during the test?

    It was extremely distracting and disturbing. Its coming from the recording I am sure of it.
    Did anyone experience the same?


    Hello Ajibolaoladiran,

    The virtual mock tests deliberately have background noises running, which includes coughing, whilst you take the test papers. This is the ‘realistic exam hall experience’ that is advertised on the virtual mock exams information page:

    Virtual Mocks

    The real 11+ exams will not be held in completely quiet rooms. In any exam you will have noises around you which can sometimes be quite distracting, Therefore, it is best if you practise taking a mock test with the same.

    I hope that you did well 🙂


    In the test results, what does exposure mean?


    Hello Mrs-au-kowloon,

    ‘Topic Exposure’ means how many of the available specific topic question types your child has completed in the online tests and exercises.


    To the poster asking if there is higher mark than “likely pass”, do you want a medal or something? Likely pass means likely pass…


    when will the results be released?


    Hello Tranv,

    The marks for each virtual test can be seen in student and parent account straight after the mock tests.

    Results feedback and the ability to review the mock tests will only be made available after all candidates have completed the virtual mock exam i.e. after 8 p.m. on the Monday evening following the exam session.

    Students from all regions across the UK will complete these virtual mock exams, so you will receive good comparison feedback based on this year’s cohort.


    thanks pamela-rolles

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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