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    I would like to how many questions will be there in each section and the marks for the same for all the modules and the time assigned to complete the sections.
    And also is there any negative marks?



    Each of the 2 papers has 80 questions = 80 marks each paper. If a child only gives one answer when 2 are required for the question, it will be marked incorrect. There is no negative marking applied. We do not standardise the final marks as this is done very differently in the 11+ regions/grammar schools all around the UK. We do give an indication of how your child has done and if they might pass. There are also group and national averages and ranks for comparison purposes.

    An important part of taking a mock test (and the real 11+ test) is listening carefully to the instructions given by the examiner/invigilator or audio clips, if used, and also reading the instructions on the front of an examination booklet and in each timed sections. For this reason it would be best if your child practises these skills in examination conditions, rather than us tell you exactly what the sections are and how many marks in each of them.

    We strongly suggest that you use the free credits you are given with mock test bookings to assign your child some of the previous year’s mock tests so that they can practise before they take a mock exam. If you did that, you would also see the sections and how many questions were in each section in the papers last year – this year’s mock tests will be very similar to them but, of course, with new questions and perhaps a few slight changes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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