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    Hi All,

    Quick question in regards to the mock test results for today’s mock exam session c, when I checked the result for my child it was showing a higher score and different outcome and now when i have logged on after an hour the score and outcome is different, does anyone knows the reason behind it? It is my first mock with Chuckra and I am not sure how does the over all system works?

    Please if you could help.



    The score wouldn’t change but the ranks might change as more and more students complete the mock tests. In simple terms…the next group of students might perform better or worse than your child’s group and therefore your child could be ranked slightly lower or higher. This is why we recommend checking the ranks after each weekend to see if the new wave of students has affected your child’s rank.

    In your case you probably checked the results very soon after they were released. Then a bunch of new results must have come in from a different test centre an hour or so later, affecting your child’s ranking.


    Hi there

    Totally confused with the results?
    It gives me a percentage for each subject individually ,
    Where is the overall rank u mentioned earlier ?

    Plus where can I review the past paper attempted in order to go over with my child ?




    Please sign in to your parent account and go to ‘My Mocks’ – you will then be able to see your child’s results, group averages (locally and nationally) and your child’s rank along with an illustration & details showing their ranking and possible chances of a pass. There is also a link to the test papers so that you can review the complete tests with your child.

    Please note that the ranking will change as more students take the same test across the nation.

    Your child will also be able to review the completed mock tests in their student account.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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