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    If you are experiencing any issues with the new version of COAsT (Online Tests), please let us know by replying to this forum topic. 

    Comments have now been switched off below COAsT so here is a summary of the recent issues raised…

    Finish Button Missing

    It was not actually missing, but perhaps it was hidden under the ‘Accept Cookies’ button which has now been moved to the top of the website. You will still need to click ‘Accept Cookies’ if you continue to use the website. 

    Retry Questions Missing

    Your Retry Qs from the old site are not currently available, but they will appear again within the next week. As you do new tests, your new Retry Qs will be available straight away.

    Starring a question

    This is currently unavailable, but will return soon. For now, it is probably a good idea to keep a piece of paper and pencil nearby to note down the question numbers you’d like to star.

    Viewing English Passages

    These should all be accessible to view now, so please let us know if you still experience any problems with the link when trying to open an English passage.

    Problems Assigning Tests

    We cannot seem to replicate any issues with assigning tests. If you are experiencing problems when trying to assign, please kindly let us know which tests you are trying to assign so we can investigate further.


    How do I see the list of tests I have assigned to a student please?


    I can’t seem to book a mock exam. I click on the link and it brings me to this page? What am I doing wrong? I seem to be in a loop. Thanks


    How do you get on the tests because when i tried it said ‘No tests assigned as they were already assigned’


    @ Ellie Marklen
    Can you please ensure you are logged in and then try going to My Mocks to book mock exams. If you continue to experience problems, please kindly let us know.


    @ dorsarad

    How do you get on the tests because when i tried it said ‘No tests assigned as they were already assigned’

    Your child has to sign in to using their own login details (the ones you entered when you added the child). Then when they go to ‘My 11plus’ they will see a list of the tests you have assigned to them from your Parent account.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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