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    1. Respect other posters on the discussion forum. Insults and name-calling won’t be tolerated. Users who engage in such behaviour will have their comments removed and be warned and eventually banned if the behaviour continues.

    2. No comments inciting hatred against any group – racism, sexism, anti-religious etc will be tolerated.

    3. Any offensive, annoying, insulting or copyrighted images will be removed and the user given a warning or banned.

    4. Refrain from using profane language – any comments containing it will be removed and the user warned or potentially banned.

    5. Anyone seen to be trolling or trying to flame people will be given warning or banned immediately.

    6. No spamming allowed – posting nonsense or unhelpful chatter and excessive use of emoticons will be considered spamming. Anyone seen to be spamming will be given a warning or banned.

    7. Try to use proper words and refrain from typing in all capital letters. Your forum posts should be readable and on-topic – any off-topic comments can be deleted, and users continually straying off of topic will be warned.

    8. Use only one account to post – if users are found to be using multiple ones to circumvent bans or rules, all of their accounts and any future ones will be banned.

    9. Links or references to other websites will be at the discretion of the moderators. We do not allow unsolicited advertising, and any users seen to be breaking this rule – whether via posts or private message – will be banned.

    10. In the interest of maintaining Chuckra Quality, it is not permitted to post about 11 Plus preparation materials not available on or endorsed by this site.

    11. If a user is requesting a tutor, please use our Private Message system to get in contact with them.

    12. If you are a tutor and you would like to advertise, you may do so in our Tutor Directory.

    13. In the interest of student safety, any phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Skype numbers, or any other personal information posted by students will be deleted without warning.

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