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    i can’t unassign tests that have been added thrice. i wanted to add fowler maths tests from A to D. but i just have A and D has been added 3 times and credits taken out three times.


    You can’t unassign them because they were printed. Not quite sure how they got assigned for printing 3 times though. We’ll have to investigate that. Is it possible that the assign button was pressed multiple times quickly? We’ll take a look now and prevent that from happening again.

    I unassigned 2 of the printouts so your credits will automatically be returned.


    Hi thank you for returning the credits. Now i am not able to print out the test D thats on the the list. I don’t know if i have clicked print in the confusion to unsaying the last two papers. Do we only get one chance? do i have to buy it again?


    You can print again. It will not take extra credits. During the printing process it will tell you that 0 credits will be taken. Credits are only deducted the first time you try to print.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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