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    Why are the answers highlighted on the free tests – my son picked up on that!


    Hello Hina,
    Did you assign the free tests for your son to do or did you let him do the questions whilst using the ‘browse’ feature for these free tests?(This is done by using the eye icon on the test list.)

    The browse function allows all the answers to be viewable because it designed for parents/tutors to look at beforethey assign the actual tests for a child to do.

    Please will you let us know as the correct answers should not be viewable to a child taking any of the exercises/tests – thank you.


    I was in the parents log in. Thank you.

    I seem to have a negative balance of credits on my account but do not understand how that can be. I am therefore unable to assign tests to my other son.


    As Pamela said, the idea in COAsT is that the Parent / Tutor has a separate account from the Student. Before a Student can take a test, it has to be assigned by the Parent / Tutor. The reason you could see the correct answers was because you were ‘browsing’ a test in the Parent / Tutor account. We allow ‘browsing’ to help the Parent / Tutor decide which tests they’d like their Student to do.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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