Creative Writing Levels

The score on your child’s writing will be given as a mark out of 50. When preparing for Grammar School Entrance Exams, students should be aiming to achieve a LEVEL 5 which is a score of 41-50.

Below is a breakdown of the possible levels/scores.

Level 1 (1-10)

Sentence structure is poor and lacks accuracy. English grammar rules are not followed. A range of punctuation is either absent or used incorrectly. Frequent spelling errors mean that creative meaning is lost in most of the response. The response contains no plot and/or is disjointed. No effort is made to engage the reader. The task is not followed. Vocabulary is very basic.

Level 2 (11-20)

Sentence structure often has errors. English grammar rules are often not followed. There is a very limited range of punctuation and/or frequent punctuation mistakes. There are many spelling errors which impacts upon the flow of the work. The task is not followed properly, although one can see that a little effort has been made to follow it. Very little effort is made to use a varied vocabulary.

Level 3 (21-30)

A range of punctuation is used with reasonable accuracy. A varied vocabulary is used although it is not always used correctly. There are limited parts where creative meaning is lost due to spelling or grammar errors. There is a plot/structure, but it is a little difficult to follow in places or it lacks development. The response attempts to engage the reader, but this is not sustained throughout.

Level 4 (31-40)

The response follows the task set. It is easy to follow with very few spelling or grammar errors. It includes a range of vocabulary and punctuation used correctly. It is structured well and engages the reader. Some attempt is made to use appropriate language techniques.

Level 5+ (41-50)

Excellent work that is above average. There are virtually no corrections needed. Language techniques are used to good effect, vocabulary choices generate interest for the reader and the tone is chosen to suit the task. The response adheres to all the requirements of the task.

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