Covid-19 Update

UPDATE 2020-08-25:

Since many regions have announced that their 11 Plus Exams will be postponed and only take place in October/November this year, we have released a new set of tests (E) and more dates for virtual mocks in September/October 2020. However, we will not be running any physical mock exams this year.

UPDATE 2020-06-29:

Although there is much talk about the UK ‘opening up’ and more events being allowed, there is still, understandably, plenty of apprehension from schools and other venues about making their halls available for use during July/August. 

After a great deal of consideration and investigation regarding the availability of suitable halls, government guidance on the safety of pupils, parents and staff and how best to achieve a level of certainty that will allow us to ensure the best preparation can continue for all students, we have decided to replace all physical mocks which were due to be held in July and August (Tests A/B/C/D), with Virtual Mocks to do at home. Our guided virtual mock sessions are very realistic with audio instructions and hall ambience (background sounds). 

View info and dates for Virtual Mocks, but please note that existing in-centre bookings will be automatically converted (you do NOT need to do anything) as explained below. So please do not book the same virtual mock (Tests A/B/C/D) again.   

As you might be aware, many areas are considering possible changes to the 11 Plus exams this year (e.g. postponement by just a week up to a couple of months or possibly some changes to the content of the tests), however any proposed changes are yet to be confirmed.

For now, we will continue to provide affordable, well rounded preparation via to help students successfully prepare for their 11 Plus exam as well as compound their Key Stage 2 learning objectives in maths and English.

We will also continue to assess all changes and reconsider the possibility of running one physical mock (Test E) in some areas in late August or maybe in September or October, but we will only confirm this closer to the time, once there is more certainty on all fronts.

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Booking for all physical mocks is now closed and existing bookings will be processed as follows by the end of June…

  1. In an effort to simplify the change process for you, all bookings for physical mock exams will be converted automatically to the equivalent virtual mock (Tests A/B/C/D) or the first available virtual mock for which you do not already have a booking and the difference in price will be refunded back to your card. View your bookings in My Mocks.

  2. You will be able to change your virtual mock booking (at no charge) to a different virtual mock, if necessary, or you can simply request ‘late access’ to the virtual mock booked if your student will be unable to complete it during the 3 days it is available.

  3. If you do not want your student to do the 2020 virtual mock, please kindly cancel your booking before Monday 6th July 2020 to receive a full refund.

You will need to be logged in to your Parent/Tutor account to change/cancel virtual mock bookings.

You will receive a few emails during the process…

One email will be confirmation of your partial refund when bookings are converted to virtual mocks and another email will be confirmation of the virtual mock bookings with a link to view your bookings.

Thank you for your patience while we process the above changes over the coming week accordingly.

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