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Once you have added at least one student, you can do the following from the ‘Test List’ Tab:

  • assign tests for your Student(s) to do online
  • print tests for your Student(s) to complete on paper

Assigning Tests

We believe the best approach to 11 plus practice is for a Parent or Tutor to have control over which tests a Student must complete. Therefore all tests need to be assigned before a student can do them (including the free ones). Assigning a test to a student gives them 1 attempt at the test as a whole, but any questions a student gets wrong get tagged as “retry questions” so that they can be done again until the student gets them right – students will get to retry these questions in the form of an untimed mini-test (Retry Questions). 

How to Assign a Test


How do I see which tests have been assigned to my student?

Go to the Test Activity tab. Assigned tests will have the status ‘pending’. Once a test has been started it will have the status ‘in progress’ and once the test has been completed it will have the status ‘complete’.

How does my Student take a test?

Your Student needs to log in to their Student account in order to be able to take tests – they cannot take tests from a Parent or Tutor account. So you must log out of your Parent/Tutor account and log in to the Student account instead.

Can my Student retry a test?

After a student has taken a test, they have the ability to retry any questions they got wrong without needing to redo the entire test.

When students complete online tests or ‘Shuffle’ practice questions, any questions they get wrong are added to their bank of Retry Questions. The Retry Qs can be attempted again at any stage, simply by clicking ‘Retry Question’ on the Student Dashboard.

Retrying questions comes with no additional cost or attempt limits – a student can try questions over and over until they get them correct. The great thing about this is that they do not need to waste time repeating the whole test and answering all the questions they have already gotten correct again.

Retry Questions will be issued as a mix of question types, so there could be a mix of maths and NVR questions, for example, just as when doing practice Question Shuffle questions. Questions will be included in their Retry question bank until they get them correct. 

However, if you wish for them to redo the entire original test, you can assign the test to them again. Further credits will not be deducted when assigning previously attempted tests.

What happened to the tests I had assigned from upgrade packs?

Upgrade packs have been converted into credits – you still have access to all of the same tests, but they will no longer be automatically assigned to your student. You can use the credits converted from your upgrade pack to assign test attempts to your student.

Unassigning Tests

If you have assigned a test to a student by mistake, you can unassign it for a credit refund. A test cannot be unassigned once a student has begun or attempted it however.

How To Unassign a Test

Go to My 11PLUS and then the ‘Test Activity’ tab.

  • Select the tests you want to unassign
  • Press the ‘Unassign Selected Tests’ button

Printing Tests

Certain tests in COAsT can be printed. You can tell whether a test is printable or not by whether the print button is greyed out or is clickable in the ‘Test List’ tab.

Tip: To get all the printable tests to show together, you can sort the ‘Actions’ column by clicking on the column header twice. This will show all the printable tests first.

Printing a test deducts the same number of credits as assigning a test to be completed online. You cannot print a test which is currently assigned to a student to be done online until the student has either completed that test online or you have unassigned the test for online completion. Once they have completed the test, if you wish to print a new copy, you can do so by clicking the “print” button.

Entering Results manually

After a Student has completed a printed test, it’s a great idea to enter that result back into the system. Doing so will allow you to keep track of all your Student’s score as well as see how well your Student scored compared to their peers who took the same test.

Video showing how to enter results into COAsT


Need help? See Website Support, search the 11 Plus Forum or contact us.

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    1. When you booked a mock test you added a student with a username and a password. Just use those details to log in. Alternatively log in to your parent account then go to ‘My 11plus’ -> ‘My Students’ -> ‘View / Edit / Log In Student(s)’ then press the login button.

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