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Virtual Mock Finished

Well done! You have now completed the whole mock exam session. Please let your parents know that you have finished and then you can log out. Your parent or tutor will receive an email notifying them when the full results feedback is available to view online. In the meantime, you can see what you scored […]

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Resume Virtual Mock

The next test is now ready to start. Please return to your exam desk, check that you can still hear the audio instructions and when you are ready, click the ‘START TEST’ button. Click on the play button below to make sure you can still hear audio messages.

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Virtual Mock Break

There will now be a 10 minute break. Leave your computer untouched during the break. Do not log out of your student account or switch off your computer. The next test will be ready to start in 10 minutes. Please get up, have a drink or snack and go to the toilet, but make sure […]

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Virtual Mock Setup

Audio instructions will be played during the virtual mock. IMPORTANT: Before you start the tests you MUST ensure that you are able to hear sounds from your computer.  Click on the play button below to make sure you can hear audio messages.  If you cannot hear the audio instructions, please switch on your computer’s speakers […]

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