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Top 5 reasons for low mock results

Here are our top 5 reasons why students get low scores in mock tests… 1) Weak core skills in maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning Students need very strong core skills to do well in 11 plus tests. In Mathematics, for example, arithmetic skills must be top-notch. It’s easy to lose marks making silly mistakes […]

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Low Mock Results – now what?

This parent’s testimonial says it all… “I am really pleased that I booked 2 chuckra mock tests with about 4-6 weeks apart. I think the best thing was that on the real day my daughter was used to turning up at a different setting, settling down, listening to instructions and reading the exam questions, knowing how it […]

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Is Year 4 too young to attend 11+ mocks?

This is a frequently asked question by parents of students starting their 11 plus preparation journey. And our response is that it depends on the student’s personality as to whether it is a good idea to attend a mock exam at the end of year 4 or not. If they are likely to feel overwhelmed by […]

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Local versus National Eleven Plus Mock Results

It is very interesting that results from 11 plus mock exam days around the country do not vary much across the different test centres. The lowest, highest and average scores are always only a few marks apart across the exam centres. If one group finds a particular 11+ test challenging, then so do students at all […]

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Hothoused or Prepared?

It is relatively easy to succumb to peer pressure at the school gate when the topic of discussion arises about the pros and cons of intense tuition at a very early age in order to provide a ‘sure pass’ in 11+ exams. Should all parents turn into ‘Tiger Mums or Dads’, or tutors start giving […]

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CEM Durham Tests

An increasing number of schools and LEAs are opting to use CEM Durham entrance tests instead of GL Assessment (formerly nfer) tests. To react to this change,  11 plus websites and publishers are jumping to market special ‘CEM’ products. CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) tests are designed to be ‘resistant to prepping’. This means, […]

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