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Creative Writing Levels

The score on your child’s writing will be given as a mark out of 50. When preparing for Grammar School Entrance Exams, students should be aiming to achieve a LEVEL 5 which is a score of 41-50. Below is a breakdown of the possible levels/scores. Level 1 (1-10) Sentence structure is poor and lacks accuracy. […]

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How to prepare for English

Eleven plus English tests may include some or all these topics: Comprehension Spelling Punctuation Sentence structure Grammar Vocabulary Literacy In some areas, a writing test is set which is only marked and assessed if the child is a borderline pass/fail in their other tests. It is therefore helpful to ensure that you know which English topics are […]

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How to prepare for Creative Writing

This article provides advice for students about the creative writing task in the 11 plus / selective school entrance examinations. How is creative writing tested? Creative writing for the 11+ may require you to write either an original story or complete a continuous prose exercise in the same style of writing (when you are given […]

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