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Timed Practice Tests

Complete timed practice tests online in My 11PLUS once your child has mastered all of the types individually. Although Chuckra papers should keep you busy for a long time, it is also a good idea to gain some exposure to a variety of publishers and to ensure your child is confident completing tests online and on paper. This is easily done by adding in some of the recommended Boost Exam Performance Variety Packs’ to your preparation schedule depending on the time you have available. Some of the packs are physical practice papers which will be posted to you, or choose practice papers to download & print immediately.

Mock Test Days

Attend a Chuckra Mock Test Day near you to help overcome exam day nerves before the big day. Chuckra has carefully analysed the types of questions and core skills being assessed by the major exam publishers when producing our challenging, high quality mock exams to provide the perfect opportunity for students, preparing for any 11 plus exam (CEM, GL Assessment, Moray House, CSSE and more), to overcome exam nerves whilst being assessed in a good cross-section of skills.

To find out what your child should be working towards, see the FAQ ‘what is the 11 plus pass mark?

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