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Creative Writing Levels

The score on your child’s writing will be given as a mark out of 50. When preparing for Grammar School Entrance Exams, students should be aiming to achieve a LEVEL 5 which is a score of 41-50. Below is a breakdown of the possible levels/scores. Level 1 (1-10) Sentence structure is poor and lacks accuracy. […]

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Is Year 4 too young to attend 11+ mocks?

eleven plus mock exam student

This is a frequently asked question by parents of students starting their 11 plus preparation journey. And our response is that it depends on the student’s personality as to whether it is a good idea to attend a mock exam at the end of year 4 or not. If they are likely to feel overwhelmed by […]

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Local versus National Eleven Plus Mock Results

It is very interesting that results from 11 plus mock exam days around the country do not vary much across the different test centres. The lowest, highest and average scores are always only a few marks apart across the exam centres. If one group finds a particular 11+ test challenging, then so do students at all […]

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